Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Battlefield

Saturday I spent much of the day with brother Joseph. As of late I've learned a little more about how good the Lord really is. So much better than anything we can really wrap our minds around. We walk, we talk, we find relief from great heights looking off the apartment balcony, we share songs, and somewhere in the midst of it all the Lord shows up and you realize all is well. Really well.

The creative field is a battle zone. Men find challenge there. Each song, each idea, each piece is a new conquest to discover what you're capable of. You find what you understand, what you don't understand, and a little more about what is inside you. In the end you learn something new about the guitar, the melody, the pen. After toil and work you become victorious. Then comes the great media exchange with creative comrades, fellow warriors such as brother Joseph and its there, in the cold light of the morning, with smoke still rising from your battlefield, you see everything new. Best of all, when you walk in the creative circle that I do, victories are shared. If someone unearths a masterpiece, we all win, we all celebrate. Sometimes you don't quite meet your mark. But sometimes, you walk away with something you can hang your hat on. Regardless, you're never satisfied. You carry a new badge, or maybe even a scar, and you trek on for the next conquest.

Lord, lead me into more battles, more victories.